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        MMIA, Mineral and Metallurgical Image Analysis, is an event driven image analysis, image processing application designed for accurate feature measurement in high-contrast images. MMIA supports color and gray level images of any size (width x height) with fully integrated dynamic allocation and complete buffer and display size control, event driven macro programming and playback for computer language illiterate users, user programming interface for computer language literate users and full support for automatic unattended processing of any number of image sets containing up to 100 images each.

        MMIA was originally designed to measure liberation in images generated from binary mineral particle samples in an SEM equipped with a backscatterd electron detector. Approximately 40 images from each sample are required to produce statistically sound data, and it is not uncommon to analyse 100 of such samples when characterizing liberation phenomena in a mineral processing plant. It is however impractical to manually process and measure 4000 images. This task was made viable by the implementation of automated procedures for image processing into MMIA. This feature coupled with MMIA's flexibility and ease of operation has made it one of the prefered image processing tools for particle and materials characterization.

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