This module has been set aside for participants to investigate any flowsheet/s that is/are of particular interest.

We encourage you to look around for some interesting flowsheet and start to investigate what data would be required to achieve a successful simulation. It is usually possible to get started using defaults that are supplied by MODSIM but it is essential to learn to be sensitive to the effect of assumptions on a simulation output. Another important aspect of trying to simulate unusual flowsheets is the availability of suitable models for all the unit operations that are involved. We will never have enough models. New equipment is being invented and tried continually and model development inevitably lags behind. Reliable models are not easy to develop and this can be done successfully only when good experimental data are available.

Another issue that is topical in this group is the provision of basic simple models in MODSIM for preliminary simulations. We remain unconvinced that this is a good idea. This is an opportunity to find some examples to show the utility of this approach.

We encourage you to post any interesting flowsheets on the bulletin board and we will make suggestions about the best way to simulate them and also try to identify the critical elements and data. Remember that you can pack incomplete jobs so that even if you have no data it may be worth packing a job that consists only of the flowsheet and attaching it to a bulletin.


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