Module 4 Gravity Separation Operations

Gravity sepration operations can be classified into two broad categories: manufactured media separators and autogenous media separators. In the former, separation takes place in an artificial medium which is manufactured to have a density intermediate between that of the particles to be separated. In the latter, the particles make up their own media in which they separate. This distinction is important in practice because autogenous media separators behave in a nonlinear manner in the sense that the separation that is achieved is a strong function of the composition of the feed to the unit. Models for manufactured media separators are generally based on the partitition curve but this method is not suitable for autogeous media separators and,for these, radically different models are required for satisfactory simulation.


1. Learn how to specify parameters for and simulate dense-medium separators.

2. Learn how to specify parameters for autogenous media separators.

3. Learn how to simulate the different gravity separation unit operations.

4. Learn how to simulate and optimize the performance of gravity separation flowsheets.

We suggest that you tackle the sections in this module in the following sequence.

Dense-medium separators.

Autogenous gravity separators

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