Module 2

Data specification.

Before the operation of a plant can be simulated it is necessary to specify precisely the characteristics of the material that is to be processed and the parameters that define the behavior of the individual unit operations in the flowsheet.

MODSIM uses the population balance method to model the operation of the units. This method requires the particulate nature of the solids to be specified using distribution functions. The particle size distribution is familiar and this is the basic distribution function that is used. However it is usually necessary to describe other properties of the particles as well as the size and provision is made for this as well. The basic principles of distribution functions and population balance methods are described in Chapter2 of the textbook or in Technical Notes 2

MODSIM makes a clear distinction between data that is needed to describe the ore and the data that is necessary to define the behavior of the unit models.

The objectives of this module are

1. Learn to specify the properties of the ore - the system data.

2. Learn to specify parameters for the unit models.

3. Learn to find and analyze the data produced by the simulator.

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